Dowtcha Boy! - An Anthology of Cork Slang
by Morty McCarthy
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Copyright © 2004 Morty McCarthy
All Rights Reserved

Slang samples...

STRAWKHAULING: Method used to catch fish illegally,
usually salmon, using a line, a treble hook and a weight
There was a few fellas strawkhauling down on the Shakey

JAGGING: Going out with someone
I’m jagging at the moment.

FUNKY: Cowardly
He’s one funky hurler, that fella.

GATT: Alcohol
Who is going up to Gally’s for the gatt?

ON THE TACK: Off the drink
I’m on the tack for the Holy Souls.

CHATTY BOO: Whatchamacallit. Often used when a person
can’t remember the name of something.
You’ll have to get a chatty boo to fix that.

LANGERLOAD: Large amount
There was a langerload of people in Sidetrax last night.

WACKER: Cork corner boy/troublemaker
There’s a rake of wackers hanging out by the Five Star.

LAPSI PA: Non existent disease
That fella has a touch of the lapsi pas.

Dunnes are selling daycent rubber dollies for a tenner.

SNEDGER: An insulting term meaning someone who sniffs the
bicycle seats of young ladies. A pervert basically
He is a bit of a snedger, that fella.

BADINAS: Togs/Swimming costume
Did ya bring yer badinas with ya?

LANGIE: Hanging onto the back of a lorry
I got a great langie yesterday on a Southern Fruit lorry.

UP FOR THE BAA: When kids make their confirmation in
some schools in the city it is a tradition to buy lots of sweets
and throw them out to the other kids in the school who bate
the heads off one another to get them. The shout ‘up for the
baa’ goes up when the throwing starts.

SEANIE POOLS: Corporation refuse lorries
Johnny Brown drives a seanie pool for the corporation.

UCKS: The end of an apple
I bags the ucks.

MANAGE: Type of savings scheme often run amongst families
and friends. Loans can be taken interest free to pay for communions,
If you are passing Lough Road drop in the manage money for