Dowtcha Boy! - An Anthology of Cork Slang
by Morty McCarthy
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Copyright © 2004 Morty McCarthy
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Morty McCarthy

Morty McCarthy was the drummer in well-known Cork band, The Sultans of Ping FC. He was born in Cork in 1970 and he grew up in the South Parish.

He began writing in his late teens when he started No More Plastic Pitches, a football fanzine dedicated to Cork City FC. He also wrote a fanzine called Sunny Days, which focused on the music scene in Cork.

He left his native city in 1992 with his band and moved to London. The Sultans had seven Top 75 hits in the UK including the legengary indie classic Where's Me Jumper. He began writing Dowtcha Boy on his frequent visits home to de real capital. In 1999 he found love and moved to Stockholm in Sweden where he now lives and works as an English teacher.

Dowtcha Boy took over five years to write and research. Morty spent his time walking the streets and sitting in the pubs of Cork listening and speaking to the people. The book came out in November 2004 and it provides a valuable written recording of how Cork people speak.